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Sandoitchi Review

About: This place gets its interesting name from the Japanese word “Sandoitchi”, which means sandwiches. It is famous for the variety of sandwiches that they serve along with many more appetizing items present in their menu. Apart from their signature Doitchis, you can prepare your own customized doitchi ranging from Mediterranean, Asian, Indie, Italian, Mexican and also “Jain” choices. Another highlight of this place is that they have a huge variety of freshly baked breads that use for making their Doitchi. This is surely a hogging heaven for a Veg and Jain foodie since you get to choose from such a diverse menu at a single place.

Location : Located near the scenic location of Powai lake, this place is close to most of the corporate offices situated in this region. It is a favorite amongst the working class and the young generation.
Interiors : The interiors are well lit and interestingly crafted. The clean and classy look makes a great mix of formal and informal environment.
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